Our Story

The Servi Institute has many roots in teaching careers, discussion groups, the Tuesday Vespers group meeting in homes for prayer and dinner, a Summer Seminar series in 2017, and virtue-pedagogy material developed during efforts to renew the mission of St. Gregory's University.

The Urban Village Conference

The Servi Institute issues a creative challenge to our friends and neighbors through our annual conference, called The Urban Village. We will hold our inaugural conference in the Catholic Charities building in Oklahoma City on October 19-20, 2018. The conference is subtitled From Cloud-castles to Blueprints to emphasize our intention to welcome all comers and get started with practical “next-step” plans for a variety of projects either directly pertinent to our mission or congenial to that mission and adjacent to our sphere of interest.

We will use #cloudcastlestoblueprints for posts related to The Urban Village 2018, so keep your eyes open!

Non-Profit Status

As described in section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code, our purposes are charitable, directed to “advancement of religion” and “advancement of education” as well as to “combating community deterioriation” (teaching directed to developing strong families in cohesive neighborhoods); religious, being intentionally Catholic in character, yet in the Catholic tradition open to all who show willingness to cooperate with Catholics in good faith; educational, aiming directly at the integration of Liberal and Practical Arts education in the Catholic tradition; and literary, initiating others into a tradition of reading and learning and publishing materials in service of the goals of The Servi Institute.